Home Ground

A popular local magazine for Stockwell in South London, aimed at Housing Association tenants and the wider community.

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Mercian Annual Report

A4, roll-fold from a single card sheet. A change of shape will make regular readers sit up and take notice, and a more economical format accurately reflects the current mood in social housing.

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Roundshaw Residents' Handbook

A major project encompassing design, photography and printing to produce an attractive, loose-leaf Handbook that can be updated page-by-page. A worthwhile investment in tenant satisfaction.

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Camden Private Tenant

A two-colour A4 newsletter distributed by hand in one of London's most deprived boroughs.

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Standards of Almshouse Management

A 208 page technical guide to good practice management of an interesting estate of historical properties.

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Industrial Dwellings Society Annual Report

A4 landscape, 20-page annual report for one of the UK’s oldest Housing Associations.

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